We celebrate womanhood: we believe all women are heroes in their own right who see the good in one another. 

As heroes, we choose to honor one another with collaboration instead of competition.


We believe in meaningful connections and fostering relationships with the right energy. Energy and connectivity are the foundations of our community that enable us to drive change on a local and global scale.


Every woman in history who has fought for the betterment of other women has led us to this point. We are responsible in continuing this movement. 

We are responsible for staying true to ourselves and with that, inspiring others.








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This is a community of women who value authenticity, empathy & genuine connection. We believe that women will pave the way for other women, that vulnerability will bring us closer together and that giving will heal the world.

Our mission is to bring together a diverse group of women to learn from and support one another. In a world where the curated version of yourself has become the focal point, we strive to create an environment where the authentic self is celebrated.

Our events are designed to encourage an honest and open conversation-- no business cards, no preconceived notions. The community represents a diverse group of founders, creators & change makers from a wide cross section of industries. Diversity in age, professional orientation, experience & background is valued and above all, celebrated!



Story of her

The movement of HER was founded in Stockholm in 2014 by Aleksandra Avli and Sofia Kacim with one clear mission: to bridge the gap between the relationship women often experience in their personal lives vs. the competitive nature in their professional lives.

Both Aleksandra and Sofia found most of their support system amongst their girlfriends, yet did not feel this same encouragement existed with women in the workplace. They asked themselves that golden question: how can we change the status quo? Thus, HER was born.

One year after the first HER dinner in Stockholm, HER Global Network has truly gone global: expanding to 8+ cities across Europe. During the Fall of 2016, HER continues its expansion in the U.S. under the leadership of Marika Frumes and Babba Canales. Today, HER Global Network is present in 14 cities around the world.



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